• Many people keep asking me how and why I can do things by myself almost all the time. They’re wondering if I’m happy or lonely doing it. Well, I am happy. Of course, sometimes I feel lonely but I’m okay. I understand my situation. I’m creating the life that I......

  • It’s Halloween! After two long posts in the last two weeks, I’ll keep it short for this one. Since it’s a special day today, I’ll share two dating experiences that end up being nightmares. A 20 something me agree to meet a Scottish guy somewhere on Sukhumvit road. I told......

  • A few days ago I was watching a video of my coach, Matthew Hussey. He was talking about the 3 layers of confidence. Matt has been my life coach for the last 4 years. Most people see him as relationship coach but he’s also talks about other area in life.......

  • Earlier this year I wrote about the docuseries So Cosmo. I was so excited about it because I love reading Cosmopolitan magazine (Thai version). I’m not sure if they will continue So Cosmo on E! but I found a perfect replacement if they don’t. It’s the new series The Bold Type.......



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