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Andie is a former English teacher, a tour leader, and an interpreter. She’s currently a Freelancer who is working as Localization Project Manager and Web Moderator. While pursuing her goals, she created this blog site to hone her English writing skills and to share some of her experiences with you and the rest of the viewers.
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  • Vegetables and herbs aren’t my friends. Yes, I think herbs taste as bad as vegetables! A few weeks ago, I got invited to join a Ricola Influencer Event in Bangkok. Ricola is a Swiss herb candy brand. I think I’ll try their product before I made my decision to join......

  • About 10 years ago, I started watching a TV series called “Ugly Betty”. It inspired me in so many ways. One of the things is working in the magazine industry. It motivated me to start writing blogs and practice many skills. I don’t really read a magazine, the only magazine......

  • Christmas was about a week ago. I’m a sucker for this holiday! You can read my old post on why I love Christmas on Christmas and Me. My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas because they’re Buddhist. I am Christian but not active. I still believe in God but I don’t believe......

  • You might have heard about the latest fantasy movie that is a spin-off of the Harry Potter film series. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” was written by J. K. Rowling. If you read or watched the Harry Potter series you probably similar to the name. I’m a fan......



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