Who am I?



Freelance Digital Content Editor/Thai-English Interpreter

Andie is an independent woman. She cherishes her freedom since that is the way that her parents raised her. Seven years have gone into discovering the realization of her personal and career goals. While pursuing them, she created this blog site to hone her English writing skills and share her experiences with you and the rest of the viewers. She is a former English Teacher, a tour leader, and a Localization Project Manager. She’s currently a Freelancer working as Digital Content Editor, an Interpreter (English to Thai & Thai to English), a self-learning Korean language, and an 8 to 5 employee.


Freelance Project Manager

Responsible for supervising all phases of assigned translation projects (typically into multiple languages), including analysis and estimation of the project, scheduling translators, managing and tracking the production schedule, managing translation quality, delivery, and billing. Also interacts with the client and coordinates efforts with the linguists and desktop-publishing staff with the goal of complete customer satisfaction in mind.

Online Moderator

Review and moderate all user content and user profiles within comments, images, videos, and communications. Moderate and decide whether to remove members reported by visitors as potentially offensive/inappropriate.

English-Thai Interpreter

Experience in translating general events/conferences and Christian sermons.